Application Scenario Examples

  • E-commerce


    Order confirmation, transaction protect, order status, delivery, customer review, promotion, etc.

  • Finance/Banking


    Payments, account balance, deposit/withdraw, returns notify, repayment alert, promotion, etc.

  • Logistics


    Shipping status, package details, estimated arrival, courier information, etc.

  • Travel


    Booking confirmation, ticket status, travel tips, schedule change, promotion, etc.

  • Retail


    Membership status, customer service, complaints & feedbacks, customer survey, product information, promotion, etc.

  • Government


    Internal communication, public notice, personal record, public service status, meteorological alert, etc.

Key Features

  • High Speed

    High Speed

    Five-second arrival

    Time of gateway submission less than 2 seconds

    Volume peak up to 10000 pcs/sec

  • High Arrival Rate

    High Arrival Rate

    Arrival rate over 99%

    Optimizing sending through main gateway and alternative gateways

    Reliable partnership with operators

  • Security & Stability

    Security & Stability

    Independent platform

    Irreversible data encryption

    Guaranteed data protection with e-trust firewall

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    24/7 customer service with real people

    Omni-channel online communication

    Sound supervision over customer service

  • Coverage


    Cover all areas with network signal through the world

    Local operator partners for users in corresponding areas

    Multiple data centers located worldwide

  • Convenience


    Simple cooperation process

    Fast interface test

    Efficient project forwarding

The TIG Difference

  • Privatization & Customization

    Privatization & Customization

    Customization according to clients' needs

    Clients possess full administration permissions of their private platforms

    Assigned customer service team

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    Sending status

    Successful/arrival rate

    Click rate or any other marketing data

  • Strong Support for Precise Marketing

    Strong Support for Precise Marketing

    Two-way messaging (MT & MO)

    Click tracking

    Analysis of click rate or any other marketing data

  • Completely Self-service

    Completely Self-service

    Template application & declaration

    Scheduled sending

    Status check

    Content editing

  • Audit-free Mechanism

    Audit-free Mechanism

    Once a content template has been approved, it can get access to audit-free mechanism and be reused without audit & declaration

  • Brush Fraud/SMS Harassment Protection

    Brush Fraud/SMS Harassment Protection

    IP and phone number binding

    Limit of text volume for single phone number

    Real time monitoring & alert

  • 24h Customer Service