Product Features

  • Support language

    Our SMS routes to support all the languages worldwide to meet the needs of enterprises to expand overseas market

  • Duration of delivering SMS

    SMS route response instantly, international SMS submission Sending within 24H uninterruptedly

  • Substance no need to be reported

    SMS content does not need to be reported in advance to the international gateway, customer service quick review, you can send international SMS to various countries or regions around the world

  • Black List

    No blacklisted countries, international SMS can be sent across the border, unimpeded

  • Real-time monitoring

    Covering all the signal areas in the world,regional direct connection to local operators,multiple data centers around the world

  • Operating procedures

    Self-service platform operation, sending international text messages, simple, convenient and guaranteed

Application scenario examples

Global deployment, multi-node data center, one-stop service

Shanghai Chuanglan Yunzhi Information Technology CO.,LTD has been committed to establishing mutually beneficial enterprise partnerships, product innovation and geographic expansion dedicated to serving local customers wholeheartedly.

  • SMS sending

    support web submission sending,SMS API interface submission sending, support global 221 international and regional with coordination of 1500 suppliers’service

  • report analysis

    According to the different dimension report analysis, the consumption billing detail is clearly viewed

  • Message line up

    Multi-routes connection and multi-channel shunt mode to avoid congestion Support smpp, http protocol docking

  • Routing Management

    Real-time routing monitoring, alarm warning, real-time routing automatic configuration to ensure sending

Business cooperation process

Few steps to become our valued client

  • Registration

  • Certification

  • Interface Test

  • Contract Signing

  • Formal Use