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A market that APP cannot ignore: India becomes a new blue ocean for mobile Internet applications

Release time: 2019-03-22Source: Chuanglan

  •     As the second most populous country in the world, India's population base may bring traffic and market potential no less than any other country in the world. In addition, India's rural internet user market cannot be underestimated. According to information from Kantar IMRB, an Indian market research firm, India has 315 million urban Internet users and 251 million rural users. However, in 2018, urban Internet users only increased by 7%, while rural users increased by 35%. In the future, India's rural Internet market will become a must for Internet companies.
  •     Mobile Internet company APUS mentioned in the "Indian Internet Finance Report" released in 2018 that the penetration rate of the Internet in India is only 35% and the penetration rate of smartphones is only 23%, which indicates that the Indian Internet market is still in its infancy. The demographic dividend has not been highlighted. India and Indonesia did not experience the PC (Personal Computer) era, but directly entered the Internet era of mobile terminals. This leapfrog development provided more opportunities for mobile Internet applications to enter the market. But the lack of smartphone penetration in India will also be a problem for Internet companies.
  •     Aiming at overseas markets and helping enterprises go overseas, Chuanglan International has set up an office in India last year and obtained operator resources in India. When the mobile Internet application goes out to sea, Chuanglan International SMS can help the APP to log in to the SMS verification, at the same time, it can help it to promote new activities and accelerate APP localization operations. At present, Chuanglan International SMS covers the world and has more than 1500 operator resources, helping companies in various fields such as cross-border e-commerce, cross-border logistics, foreign trade websites, and overseas APPs to achieve business expansion in overseas markets.

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