• Flash Authentication

    It provides fast and convenient one-stop login service for APP by interacting with a base station of an operator

Product functions

  • One-click login

    Users can quickly complete the registration/login process with one click without entering their mobile phone numbers,thus improving the conversion rate and optimizing the user experience.

  • Local authentication

    After the user enters the mobile phone number, it automatically verifies the consistency with the current local card number without sending SMS verification code. It supports H5.

Product advantages

  • Openness

    It supports SDK custom encapsulation and H5 for use by developers.

  • Integrating three networks

    You can enjoy the three-network capability only by connecting with Flash, achieving lower development cost and quick access.

  • Directly connected to operators

    It is directly connected to the three operators to ensure data security.

  • High security

    There is no risk of SMS blocking and tampering based on chip and PKI asymmetric cryptographic algorithm.

  • Improved user conversion rate

    It can complete authentication in 2-4 seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of login registration.

  • Considerate service

    24×7 service is available.

SDK and Development Document

  • Getting started
  • SDK downloading

How to use

  • 01.Registration and ID authentication

  • 02.Product selection Function enabling

  • 03.SDK downloading

  • 04.Use

  • You will be offered 2,000 SMSs + 10,000-minute audio and video calls upon your registration