• 2.5billion +

    Cumulative SMS traffic

  • 95%

    Average arrival rate

  • Within 10 seconds

    10 seconds Sending duration

  • 221 countries

    Sending countries


  • OTP
    We provide SMS verification solutions in the procedures of online registration, online payment, transfer, SMS verification,etc., which helps to verify users’ identity, and protect users’ account number and property security.
  • Marketing notification SMS
    SMS from Chuanglan 253.com surly can be applied to order reminder, conference reminder, short message reminder of e-commerce platform, logistics reminder, reservation reminder and other forms of reminder SMS information,etc.,so as to realize the interconnection between enterprise and user information. TIG Creates marketing SMS to assist enterprises to carry out promotion marketing, holiday marketing, accurate marketing, big data marketing and other marketing solutions to help enterprises improve marketing quality and reduce their marketing costs.


  • “5-Second Arrival”

    Gateway submission less than 2 seconds,The peak of traffic can reach up to 10,000 pcs/s

  • Higher Arrival Rate

    the arrival rate is above 99%,“one main with four standby”, traffic is applied by the best Reliable operator resources

  • Safety and Stability

    Independent platform,Irreversible data encryption,Enterprise level firewall ensures data security

  • Customer Service

    7 x 24 hours Real Customer Service, Complete Channel Online Communication,Perfect Customer Service Supervision Mechanism

  • Coverage

    All signaling regions of the world,Regional direct links to local operators,Global distribution of multiple data centers

  • Convenience

    Simple cooperation process,Quick docking test,Efficient project advancement

Quote Card

  • 360 Security

    Chuanglan International have an excellent series of SMS solutions, from the provision of SMSC, to innovative API driven messaging services, delivered professionally, providing both flexibility and robust service.


  • 2019-12-11

    SMS still alive and kicking on back of applications

    App-to-person SMS business has grown 20% every year since 2014 to 210 billion messages in 2018.


  • 2019-06-11

    Industries that can make better use of SMS (and how)

    Quick question: Do you know where your phone is right now?Chances are you do. It's likely you even know...


  • 2019-03-22

    Non-negligible market for international app——India becomes next blue ocean market of mobile internet app

    As the world’s second most populous...



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